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Baby Arm

No, I’m not talking about a cute child’s chubby arm, I am talking about a man’s dick. A very large dick. For some odd reason, it looks like a baby arm. If you have ever seen one, you know what I’m talking about. Why am I mentioning this fact you ask? Before my Brit, I started working at the company I am with now. I was fresh faced and full of hope and promise. Single and having fun dating.  I was feeling and looking good, making some real good money, and actually enjoying my job.

Of course, it had to crash like the Titanic. Like any normal hormonal woman, I had work crushes but didn’t act on them because I was in the adult world with a real job. Then after about several months of working there, I received a work IM from one of my co-workers. It was a guy who I spoke a total of like three words to. At the company Holiday party, I asked him where Lily was, because he looked like Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother”. Then days after the party, he IMs me, flirting.

Not going to lie, I was into it. I was alone and he was really cute. After the day of talking, he asks me what he and a black guy have in common. Not knowing where he was going with that question, I asked him what he meant. He told me that they both have big dicks. And, that’s how I started sexting with Baby Arm.

We exchanged numbers and that night I received my first dick pic from him. It scared me because of the size and bluntness.  I thought I was going to go blind or my phone would break from loss of memory. And, sorry, but I had to send my friends the picture. I think I heard their screams from my apartment.

I have many stories about this Baby Arm so keep reading. If you have any questions or need advice you can write to me