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This summer, I went to Ireland for the first time with my Brit. We had his friends wedding in Cork, but since I never traveled to the Guinness loving country, I wanted to go to Dublin. Even though my Brit has been there before and wasn’t really crazy about traveling there again, he went because he loves me.

For two weeks I was going to be away with my man, a first for us as a couple as well as a first for me with any boyfriend. We were traveling to Dublin, Cork, and England to visit his family. In this post, I will only be discussing Dublin.

We left on a Friday night, which means Thursday night for hours I was packing like a crazy lady while my dogs watched. Side note, my mom watched my dogs while I was away and sent me pictures everyday of them. Back to my post, I had no idea how to pack because 1) the weather was different than hot New York July heat, 2) I was meeting his family for the first time and didn’t want to look like the “stereotypically American hoe” but also not a prude,  and 3) I will be gone for 2 WEEKS! I had to pack different outfits for different occasions as well as a wedding. That means a gown, and special shoes, and jewelry.

So after almost having a nervous breakdown, I finished packing and had a restless sleep, fearing I forgot to pack something. Then in the morning, I had to bring my two large suitcases with me to work because I had to leave directly from the office to JFK airport.

All day I was working I kept thinking of what I forgot to pack and making myself more nervous. Plus, thinking of how I’m going to look unsexy while sleeping on the plane in front of my boyfriend. Remember, I’m trying to make him put a 3 carat ring on it. And of course, everyone needed something from me that day and actually had to stay later than any person should on a Friday night to finish my work.

Finally free when I put my out-of-office on for my work emails, I left with my two massive luggage and got a taxi to the airport, while giving my office the finger. While being stuck in traffic, all I could think of was if this was going to be the trip that my Brit proposed to me. A part of me knew I was was reading too many chick-lit books so I had this huge fantasy of him on one knee with champagne and a picture perfect moment. The sane part of me (25% of me is sane), knew I was just meeting his family so he wouldn’t dare do anything without their approval.

I also was worried about my fat because I had to fit into my gown for the wedding which wasn’t for another week, so instead of eating to my stomach’s pleasure I had to be sort of good.

So my Brit and I met at the airport and all my worries disappeared. His kiss bolted me and I finally realized that I am going away with my hunky man. I’m going to have a blast and I need to stop worrying. So I took the stick out of my ass and became vacation me.  Which meant my fat ass went right to Shake Shack, got a chocolate shake, mushroom veggie burger, and fries. And of course, went to a bar and drank myself silly till I was convincing my boyfriend to join the Mile High Club.

Well, that plan sank quicker than the Titanic when I sat in my chair on the plane and fell right to sleep. I blame the wine, worry from earlier that day, and my fat meal. But being me, I had to wake up for the dinner they provided. Then, passed out again.

In Dublin, we stayed in two different hotels because The Schoolhouse hotel (where my boyfriend wanted to stay) was booked our first night so we stayed in the Gibson, a modern hotel in the Lower East part of Dublin (NYC language).

Since we were early checking in we were able to walk around and be tourist. When we were finally allowed to enter our room we took a nap, which lasted for 2 hours.

The hotel was a little too cold for my liking but it had one of the best bathrooms. The shower was the size of my apartment so you know my Brit pounded into me from behind while my tits were squeezed against the glass. A great way to start the trip. After we got our freak on, we went to a romantic dinner of Thai which was the only restaurant opened at 9:30 at night. The food was amazingballs and the atmosphere was perfect for just having been screwed.

Apparently in Dublin, lots of places close around the time New Yorkers start their nights haha. We ate dinner and headed to a couple of bars. The streets were crowded with drunk Irish men at 11:30. We drank and listened to live Irish bands. At 12:30 we had to make our trolley back to our hotel because they stop running at that time. Which was fine by us because after the flight, sight seeing, and fucking we were exhausted.

The next day we went to our new hotel across the city called The Schoolhouse Hotel, it was an adorable old schoolhouse converted into a hotel. It was in the location of how I would describe the Upper East Side (again New York language).

The hotel gave you a free breakfast buffet every morning and their restaurant was extremely popular with  the locals. But, that wasn’t the best part. The hotel let you rent movies for free. As much as you want. Including PORN.  And yes, we did watch a few movies and got our freak on thank you very much for asking. I mean, when one of the movie’s titles is “Splish Splash On My Teen Face” it’s basically begging you to watch it.

Anyway, I tasted fish pie which is not as yummy as it sounds haha. Since in Europe Shepard’s pie is pretty popular and I always wanted to taste it but since I don’t eat meat I couldn’t so I said if they ever made fish pie I would eat it. Well I did and I would never again haha. I did eat a lot of fish and chips and drink lots of Guinness. I am not a beer lady, I only drink it when I’m watching sports or at a dive bar. But, in Dublin all I drank was Guinness. It tastes completely different from the Guinness here. It’s lighter and I’m convinced they must put drugs in it.

Besides walking around and looking at all the sights, at night we went to dinners and lots of pubs. I became a little Irish in Dublin haha. Now, if I could only find the actor Domhnall Gleeson I would be all set. I do have a thing for those gingers.

We also went to the Guinness Factory, which my boyfriend was against because when he went last time he said it was boring. Going again, he said the second time was a lot better… I’ll take credit for that. We bought our first Christmas ornament there, learned how to properly drink a Guinness, and went to the famous rooftop to view the city of Dublin and have a free beer.

I would recommend everyone to at least go once but I wouldn’t go to Dublin again. It’s not like London or Paris or any city in Italy (at least for me). However, Dublin will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first stop for my Brit’s and mine vacation (our first big one).

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