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Sorry for not posting in a while but work and my love life (that’s right LOVE life) have been keeping me busy. Don’t have much time to post today but will mention three Instagram accounts you should follow:

TAYLORSWIFT because she’s freaking Taylor Swift and we get to glimpse at her posh/classy/perfect/glam life. That girl has some legs and red lips.


BERGDORFS because it’s fun to look at clothes, bags, and shoes you can’t afford.

 photo (2)

CANDACEBUSHNELL because she is the brilliant mind that created Sex and the City and let us ladies be powerful sex goddess. Respect her.

photo (3)

And, remember I’m on as well so stalk me. Joss0000


Hey I am officially stalking people. Come stalk me joss0000

Also, here are three other accounts I think you should follow:

i_love_english_bulldogs because who doesn’t like looking at chubby dogs dressed in costumes or playing or sleeping. It will make your day.

jenselter because she’s the lady who has over 3 million followers due to her ass is amazing. And yes, her body makes me want to do a 1,000 squats. Plus, she’s not selfish and tells you how to come close to her body with some workouts. And when I say close, I mean probably like 5% because her body is unreal.

katespadeny because it’s Kate Spade and I freaking love her stuff. She’s fairly priced so my budget ass can purchase her stuff and still feel like I make a million bucks a year.


Hey! I finally became cool and joined Instagram. Follow me joss0000

Also, here are three other accounts I think you should follow:

cosmopolitan, emilygiffinauthor, justine_faeth

cosmopolitan is the official account for the magazine. They have fun pics to view and how could you not follow them if you are reading this blog? They practically go hand in hand.

emilygiffinauthor is the author’s account. I really enjoy her books so why not stalk her?

justine_faeth is the author’s account. I read her book and enjoyed it. Plus, she updates her account like every day all day with some cool pics (that I will steal for my account).