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Valentines Day? Blah blah blah… drink!

That special day where the world falls in love and everyone is throwing up hearts and chocolates and on top of being lucky in love the bastards get a three day weekend to make us single folks dread leaving the house.  Bastards. And, what’s worse than being alone on Valentines Day…. how about having dinner with your mom who feels sorry for you! That’s right, I had dinner with my mom while surrounded with couples holding hands and kissing while eating their food. I of course, drank about three glasses of wine then when I went back to my apartment had another glass or three while watching Bridget Jones Diary. But I had some delicious food and shared dessert with my mom like the couples surrounding us (pictures below).

So all this weekend I stayed in my apartment like some prisoner and only went out to walk my dogs. I should be ashamed to admit that I haven’t showered since Friday morning, stayed in my sweats, and ate like I was going to the electric chair while watching some more romantic movies and finally finishing Breaking Bad but I’m NOT.

Also, interesting news. I received flowers. Like gorgeous red roses. A DOZEN. But, the mystery person who sent me the flowers never attached a card to them and sent them to my apartment so one, who would spend that kind of money on me and two, who the hell knows where I live? And, I already asked my mom and grandparents because I know they feel pity for me for being alone at 29 and no, it wasn’t them. So I have to go all Nancy Drew and figure out this mystery. I will keep you posted but I also attached a pictures of the roses on the bottom.

So after watching all the romantic movies I could and while watching Breaking Bad, I finally joined eHarmony. Now, I told you I tried all the dating sites but I have been hesitate with this one. I heard you had to answer a million questions and make your profile like a novel… and YES, you do. Thankfully, I was watching Breaking Bad while making up my profile and answering the nonstop questions so I completely didn’t want to kill that old man that I constantly see in the commercials.

The negative thing about this site is I can’t view people, I can only see the people they send me based on my profile. Butttttt, they did send me some possible Mr. Rights so that’s exciting. Of course, I got some zoo animals thrown in but I just deleted them. And, what’s kinda interesting about eHarmony is that you can send the person you are interested in 5 questions from a selection of questions. It’s something different. You can also directly email someone, which I did (cute, 6’4″, and a lawyer!).

I’m still on my other several sites but I figured why not add more stress to my life with eHarmony. I will of course keep you updated and I’m sure I will be meeting more interesting people so there will be more stories to tell.

Pictures of my Valentines Day dinner with my mom1922279_10101211026210837_1528650022_n


The flowers that were sent to me1513679_10101210855857227_1535444157_n