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Well The Brit and I had sex for the second time this weekend and let me say it was 150% better than the first time. No need for crazy moves or trying to impress me with things he’s seen in movies… just connecting with each other (I know, that sounds cheesy).  But, sex is about two people becoming one (caught that Spice Girls reference)… it’s fun but you are also showing how much you care about the person (or at least are attracted to them).  So sex with The Brit was just easy, no nerves getting in the way. It felt new but like we have been having sex for years, knowing what each other like. And, 2 things happened that I LOVE. One, we came at the same time. Two, he stayed in me for a few minutes after and cuddled instead of running like he just committed a crime.

So I think it’s clear that I am in the really like time with The Brit right now and this weekend he will be meeting my friends (BIG step). So will update you with how that will go. But, every time someone asks me about The Brit I smile like a baby who just took a poop. And, when we are together I just want to touch him or hold his hand. Plus, I am really comfortable with him. I was hanging out at his place with no makeup and my hair in a lazy sloppy bun. HUGE deal.

Hopefully, one day I will be Mrs. Brit.