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Meeting The Crew

This weekend The Brit met The Crew. And, he got rave reviews. Like  Martin Scorsese reviews.  Who is The Crew you ask? My main bitches who I speak to everyday (basically my Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda to Carrie). They LOVED him… how could you not? He makes me smile and my eyes twinkle. He joked with them and spoke to my friends’ dates about men things… it was like a perfect scene in a romantic comedy. So yes, it’s going very well with The Brit. I’m floating and acting like those annoying girls who are crazy happy in a relationship and I don’t care. Judge me. Mock me. Laugh at me. I don’t care because I’m happppppy.

Buttttt, it wasn’t always like that. When he first contacted me through eHarmony I was eh about it. He’s 6’5″ (giant) and a ginger (not a fan). But, my motto was new year, new me so I decided to meet him because why not? It was after work one night, I wore a pencil skirt and top (nothing exciting) because I didn’t really care how I looked. And, I just laughed throughout the whole date and ate and drank so much. I was comfortable with him from the start and that says more than how someone looks.

So basically I’m saying be more open and take chances (not just in the dating world) because you will never know who you will meet. Give everyone chances because they could be part of your future.

BTW, the sex has been so much better. Saturday night I felt like the city had an earthquake…. boom!

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