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Red Lipstick Wearing Shady Slut

Not me… even though I do like wearing red lipstick. I am talking about my friend’s ex-lover. See, my friend is gay and she had an affair with a married woman. Bad, yes. But, this Red Lipstick Wearing Shady Slut played with my friend’s emotions. Let’s start from the beginning…

My friend and the Red Lipstick Wearing Shady Slut met through my friend’s ex (she was currently dating the girl). Then, they broke up but my friend remained friends with the Red Lipstick Wearing Shady Slut. But, like a shady slut does, she went after my friend. They had an affair which turned into my friend having feelings for the Red Lipstick Wearing Shady Slut while this slut was still married to her husband and still friends with my friend’s ex, living a double life.

It sucks to see your friend hurting, crying over someone who doesn’t deserve their tears. Especially a Red Lipstick Wearing Shady Slut. But, my friend wants a relationship. She wants to be with someone who she could fully trust. She wants what everyone wants when they finally matured. So, she ended it with the Red Lipstick Wearing Shady Slut because that slut couldn’t give her what she was looking for. She couldn’t trust her. She wasn’t leaving her husband because she got to be the housewife staying home and shopping while fucking around. A very shady person. And, no one has time for a shady person.

So the story ends that my friend has moved on with a woman who she is head over heels crazy for while the Red Lipstick Wearing Shady Slut is still fucking around on her husband (and he is probably fucking around on her too), shopping and spending his money, still friends with my friend’s ex (poor woman doesn’t know how shady this slut really is) and while still contacting my friend about how her horoscope told her they are meant to be together. Sit down and STFU.

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