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Buffalo Shrimp

I don’t eat meat or chicken so when I find something to eat that I love (such as buffalo shrimp), I LOVE it. Like will crave for it and when a delicious piece is in my mouth I will dance in my seat of pure joy.

This tale is about how an ex of mine took that joy away from me. We went out for dinner to one our favorite places in Hoboken. He lived across the street from the restaurant/bar so it was an easy commute. That night we fought over the fact that I wasn’t ready for him to meet my mom. We were in a relationship for six months but I knew she wouldn’t like him and frankly, I knew we wouldn’t last. I ordered buffalo shrimp but couldn’t finish it, normally I lick my plate clean but I was bothered by my ex and our fight. We dropped off our leftovers at his apartment and traveled to the city to meet my friends before we headed over to a party for his friend.

At my friend’s apartment he pregammed hard. Mind you we had drinks at dinner so add about 5 vodka shots and a couple of glasses of wine. He was nonsocial, just standing in my friend’s kitchen drinking sadly.  We left my friend’s apartment to go to his friend’s party. He was spilling drinks and stumbling (I shouldn’t be too surprised since he did this most of the time we went out). I knew I wasn’t happy, even cried in the bathroom like a teenager to my friend about how unhappy I was.

I practically carried him back to his apartment that night. Yelling at him like a child to sit and stop. I threw him in bed and slept on the couch, just in case he threw up (I didn’t want vomit on top of me as well).

The next morning I woke up, thinking I will be positive about the situation. Plus, I was starving and ready for my buffalo shrimp.  I went into the kitchen and saw our containers from the night before on the counter and one was opened. I saw my ex with orange like sauce all over his face. My heart stopped. I straight up asked him if he ate my buffalo shrimp. He replied, “No.” I looked at the container that had the buffalo shrimp in it and discovered it empty. He saw my face and said “That’s how they packed it.”

Later that day I broke up with him. Lesson of the story, never eat a woman’s buffalo shrimp.

Here’s a link to the restaurant/bar. Highly recommend it. Fun place with great food. I need to go back even though I live in the city. It’s easy to get there too. Take the Path (from the city) to Hoboken. Then, take a cab ($5) to 10th and Willow and boom get ready to enjoy. And, you’re welcome.