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Jack Rabbit

The Jack Rabbit. No, it’s not an animal or a person but a technique that men do when having sex. What is it you ask? It’s when a man quickly thrusts into a woman to the point that it becomes unenjoyable for the lady.  I was dating someone and we had sex for the first time and everything was fine. He was rich, very good-looking, beautiful blue eyes, nice apartment, funny, a great kisser… seems like the perfect guy but then in the middle of our hustle all of a sudden he starts moving at a pace which throws my body up and down the bed like a rag doll. I couldn’t even see him because he is moving so quickly. And, this special move isn’t for a minute, this dance lasts to a point that I’m staring at his TV wishing to the heavens that it magically turns on so I could watch it and not be bored.

I thought it would be a onetime thing but no, he does it again the next morning. Fuck me wrong once, shame on you. Fuck me wrong twice, shame on me. I was done. Never saw him again. And, my vagina was happy for it too. All that speed racing thrusting hurts the lady bits.

See this video below to fully understand

So men, please stop this horrible act.


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