Online Dating Profiles

Like I have said before, I have been on a lot of dating sites and I feel like people need manuals on how to make a profile. Well, here is my manual:

Pictures- You NEED to have a picture, sorry but that’s the rule. I refuse to speak to someone who doesn’t have a picture and it’s not vanity, it’s just I need to know that I have some sort of attraction to you as well as to see if you are lying about your looks. Now, you don’t need to have an album full of pictures. One profile picture is fine and please, no old pictures. When we eventually meet you, we will know that you lied about your age and looks.

Another rule about pictures, please don’t have any pictures of you standing in front of the bathroom mirror or you taking a picture of yourself with your phone.  It looks classless and I will skip over you.  And, no topless pictures or you in a bathing suit. It’s great that you are in shape butttttt if I wanted to see some skin, I would go to the beach. Plus, those pictures say you are looking more to have fun than meeting someone serious.

And a REALLY important rule about pictures, no pictures of you with friends, family, and of course exes. When I see you in a group of pictures my eyes are roaming and if I find your friend or brother cuter than you well, it kinda takes the attraction away from you. And this is given, if you have a picture with your ex…. then you are most likely thinking “I’m still stuck on this amazing person next to me and you will never fill their place”, and I don’t like competition.

Now on to the really fun stuff, like your profile. Please, when writing your about me section, check spelling and grammar. I’m no award winning writer but nothing bothers me more than incorrect spelling and grammar errors. Don’t abbreviate, this is a dating profile, not a text. And, pretty please stop writing long profiles. It’s great that you want to share so much about yourself butttt I’m not reading a novel. Save some of that information for when you start talking to a person.

Online dating profiles are really easy. Just remember to be honest and have fun with it. Your profile is a reflection of you. My suggestion is take a Sunday night, have a glass of wine, and make the best profile that you can. Choose your picture(s) wisely and write from the heart but don’t make it too sappy. I want to meet someone who is fun and isn’t pouring their heart out on an online dating site for millions to read.

Good luck! And please, ask me anything and I will be more than happy to advise you.

A little about me

Hi and welcome,

I never wrote a blog before but after all the bullshit I have been through and witness, I figured why not? My friends enjoy my stories and when I’m drunk enough and I ramble my stories to strangers, they love them.

A little about me, I’m 29 almost 30 the end of the year. Single. Animal lover. Wannable fitness guru. Wine/champagne/martini drinker. Oyster snob. Facebook/Instagram stalker. Been told I’m beautiful. Live in one of the best cities for movies and TV shows to set in but not to find love in… at least the Happily Ever After kind of love. If you are looking for the let’s fuck for a couple of months kind of love or the let’s just settle with each other because the rent will be cheaper kind of love then New York City is for you.  And, I have tried almost every dating site imaginable and yet, I’m still single and somehow meet the most strangest men in the world.

I have had the let’s fuck for a couple of months kind of love and while it’s fun, it’s not what I’m looking for anymore. I want the Happily Ever After, knee jerking, butterflies flying in my stomach kind of love. I refuse to settle down with anyone for the sake of not being alone.

I have been on a lot of dates and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT… like more than the average bear kind of a lot.  I have met many strange men and have been disappointed more than enough times to know that finding the “one” is not an easy task.

But…. it can be a hilarious task. So, why not share my crazy stories and make others laugh and let people know that they are not alone in the task of finding the “one”.