Catching Up

Sooooo sooooo extra sorry for not being on in a while. Was annoyingly busy these past weeks. After Valentine’s Day I was sick because I ate so much chocolate like Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. Then work decided to bitch slap me with work events. And, I’ve been on dates but only one I felt the butterflies in my stomach with but of course, the guy that got my juices flowing and heart jumping out of my chest is not interested in me and he disappeared and went to Shady Island. What’s Shady Island you ask? Shady Island is a place where all the people you were interested in run off to, don’t remember to take their phones and you never hear from them again.

Now, the guy I went on a date with was insanely gorgeous (think Matt Bomer from White Collar), he’s a corporate lawyer so he had a little bit of a cocky attitude that I love, seemed like he came from a good family, and just had that Kennedy way about him (LOVE LOVE LOVE) that I was thinking I was in a Disney movie.  But, since we are talking about my luck it seems like the guy did not like me (even though he did text me a few days after the date). So, it’s been about a week and a half since our date and I believe he’s laying out and enjoying the sun on Shady Island.

The other guys I went out with were not for me, too short (I’m 5’6′) so I need a guy who I can wear my heels with, not into going out to restaurants (that’s just strange), and a little boring.

What’s my type you ask? I love a Kennedy/Patrick Bateman from American Psycho/date raper looking guy (don’t they all look the same?), a nice dresser (suits and ties makes me wet), fit, a smile that shows his pearly whites, tall… and now to personality, he needs to have a sense of humor, intelligent (if I’m the smart one in the relationship then that’s a huge problem), likes to try new restaurants, likes to travel, social (because I am no wall flower), and someone who isn’t a dick. Simple: don’t be a dick and mean what you say. Also, making $$$ will make anyone a happy camper.

I pinky promise I will be on more and tell you more stories because I have sooooo many to share (don’t know if that’s a good thing).  I still have to share the Baby Arm stories, the red lipstick wearing shady slut, my online dating stories, the red oral night, and much more!

Also, feel free to write to me to ask questions about anything. I will be more than happy to answer them (and honestly).