The second part of our Ireland trip was Cork, where the wedding was going to take place.  My Brit rented a tiny manual car and three hours later we arrived. The drive over was gorgeous with the green hills and farm life, plus had a blast singing with my boyfriend and discussing his friends I was about to meet. He had to drive because this lady only knows how to drive automatic.

We arrived at the adorable tiny town and I felt like I was in some Charles Dickens story. However, the same wasn’t for our hotel.  Our hotel was extremely child friendly, to the point that the hotel staff thought we had children of our own. The receptionist even charged him for day camp for our “child”.

Anyway, we got to our room to discover one single bed and one queen bed.  After moving the beds together to make one king, apparently I like to sleep in the middle of the bed, so I have been told, we went to dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. We got a table in the corner to hide from the room of screaming babies, children running wild, and parents looking miserable while downing drinks. Afterwards, we went to watch Jurassic Park in the tiny theater (the only theater in town).

The next day we ate at the breakfast buffet and got lost driving to the BBQ of the groom’s vacation home. Finally arriving at the house, went to the beach to take in the beautiful view (however, it was windy and chilly) after eating and mingling at the BBQ. Later that night, we went to the local pub and drank with the groom (he’s my Brit’s friend). Got to hear lots of stories from my boyfriend’s friends about him so it was nice to see that side of him.

We made it an early night since we had to get up for the big day! And, I needed the time to make myself pretty and workout. We woke up to the screams of children, better than an alarm clock. Being the nice girlfriend that I am, to make our trip special (especially since the kids were kinda ruining the sexy mood), I let him shave me. Not shave my legs but shave my vajayjay. A first for both of us. He loved the idea of it but it’s actually scary. It became more of a chore for him than it being sexy. He was so worried about cutting me and even though I didn’t show it, I was worried too. After I took ver, we fooled around in the shower.

We arrived at the church looking fabulous, me in a long cobalt blue one shoulder gown, and him in his new light grey suit and blue tie. I felt confident until I saw that most women were wearing hats to the ceremony. I totally forgot about the hat tradition! You would think my Brit before would remind me but no, so I looked like the American douche.

The ceremony was super long and for some reason the priest introduced the bridal party as if it we were there to watch a play. Afterwards, we went to the reception which was located on top of a hill with views of the beach. They really were blessed with such a beautiful day. No rain and the sun was out, a rare occasion in Ireland. I had Pimm’s for the first time and felt like a proper Brit.

Nothing too exciting happened at the wedding reception. I got tipsy on champagne as usual, I danced till my feet hurt (as usual), I ate like the world was going to end (as usual), and I fell in love with my Brit more.  All his friends loved the cute American girl who my Brit was spending all his time with…. now where is my ring (j/k, kinda).

The only embarrassing thing was one of the guest (an American) took off his clothes and danced on the stage… thanks for representing us classy!

The next day we went to lunch with my Brit’s friends and walked along the beach with the wind in our hair and in nice warm comfy clothes. Can you believe people were in their bathing suits and in the water? My Brit told me that Ireland were used to weather like that and considered that warm!

Anyway our last day in Cork was nice and relaxing. We packed up, had dinner, and headed to the airport to head to our next destination, England!


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