The Brit

I don’t know if any of you realize but I love England. I went there last year with my mother and fell even in love more.  I love British movies, books, history, accents, and MEN. I should have been born there. I feel like I would get along pretty well there too. So, with that said, it only makes sense that I start dating a Brit… and I am!

I met The Brit on eHarmony… which by the way, love and recommend. You meet such quality men on the site with great jobs and ready to settle down.  Anyway, he’s not the best looking man I have ever met but he is cute, sooooo sweet, and such a gentleman.  I really super duper like this guy. On our 4th date we went to a wedding of his friends, tonight I’m meeting his squash team for drinks, making plans for double dates with his friends, and we have made more plans to meet more of his friends and mine… I feel like that means he is not dating anyone else and this is leading to something serious… hopefully ending in living in a sweet townhouse/apartment with a big but classy diamond ring on my finger.

Anyway, I think he might be the one. Andddddddd, I haven’t even slept with him yet. Yep, you read that right! We have only made out. Why am I keeping my legs shut you ask? One, I’m trying to be classy and in Sex and the City, Charlotte didn’t sleep with Trey and got a huge ring but that ended badly so we will have to sleep with him soon just in case he has Trey’s erection problem. Two, I always get nervous with him which either means I really like him or I sense he will be bad. Three, with my luck he will be bad and that will pop by British dreams. Four, I think it would be really romantic and soooo girly if I wait till he says he loves me or takes me away on a trip.  And five, sex always changes things and right now, I like the way he treats me and looks at me. 

Don’t say sex doesn’t change things because it for a fact does. Which doesn’t make sense. If you both like each other and have a good time with one another why not have fun between the sheets? And, why does it change for the worst? Why do guys become jerks and prove every parents’ warning about sex and men?

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